The Twail of Life

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Dreams Shattered and the Trail Lost
Kissing the Girls

Gwampa I Can't Find the Trail

"Gwampa, I Can't Find the Twail" series:

Dreams Shattered and the Trail Lost

"It was early September 1951. The night before, a combine pulled into our yard to harvest our flax. The next morning we awoke to find our entire flax crop was smashed down into the mud by a heavy, wet snow that came during the night. We were unable to harvest a single bushel of flax. Earlier that season our wheat and oats had been wiped out in a hailstorm. After an entire year's effort and not one red cent of income to show from our efforts, our dream was dead."

So begins Maurice Solie's reflections on finding "The Trail" through faith in God, a true tale that leads us from economic collapse, to a grandson whose life was threatened by cancer, to dealing with the loss of the love of his life. It is a story of love, life, and dedication, finding beauty and strength, and the continued faith that has led him and his family to higher ground through the darkest of times.

The Blizzard

A sixty passenger school bus gets stuck in a northern Wisconsin blizzard.

Clearwater Lake, Manitoba

A nighttime storm the author braves in a norther Canada lake.

Kissing the Girls

What a horse will do to get out of work.


How an uncontrollable team of draft horses was spared from becoming dog food.

Thirty Minutes to the bottom

The ill-fated voyage of the author's father and brothers in a homemade motor boat.

The Gift

Sharon's grand piano - a gift from God, or a lucky series of events?

Early Tests

Character traits exposed on the first date.


A romantic interlude, or a match for life?