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Introducing "Gwampa"

Maurice P. Solie, Jr.

Young at 86

Gwampa Solie

The Author, Maurice P. Solie, Jr. is a great-grandfather; the senior member of a Christian family who has worked hard to successfully pass the "torch" of a vibrant, solid, Christian faith to multiple consecutive generations. This torch of Christian Faith is continuing to be passed and currently is passing onto the seventh generation of the Solie family and now, to you. There are 33 living members, including children and spouses, grandchildren and their spouses and great-grandchildren. All of them above the age of toddlers have verbally and publicly declared their faith in Christ as their Savior.

Life's Accomplishments: Life long Bible Student, Sunday School teacher, Deacon, Elder and Church Board member. Northern Wisconsin dairy farmer, Wyoming cowboy, successful businessman, including holder of the coveted Diamond Pin, with Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Company (BSLIC) for selling over 1,000 policies. He also built the second highest producing General Agency in the nation with BSLIC. With Success Motivation Institute, he was a member of the President's Advisory Council, holder of Builders Award, Motivator of the month, and featured in Salesman's Opportunity magazine by Success Motivation Institute. With Echostar he was a Pinnacle Dealer. To round things out, he took many classes in The School of Plenty Blunders and Hard Knocks.

The Author currently resides in the beautiful Wapiti Valley in Northwestern Wyoming, midway between Cody, Wyoming and the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. A mountain brook cascades down through half a mile of his mountain foothills property.