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"Gwampa, I Can't Find the Twail" Series

"... our dream was dead. We were wiped out. There was no next year. We were financial and emotional basket cases."Excerpt from The Twail Series

"We had found the location of our dreams! To the best of our ability, Elaine and I both sought God's guidance before action was taken. We then started our search, trusting that God would show us that special place, a place where we could build our dreams, a special place where we could raise our family. God was good. God was faithful to His Word."

" We chose the beautiful city of Sheridan, Wyoming as our new home. Sheridan is situated in the Goose Creek Valley in the eastern foothills of the magnificent Big Excerpt from The Twail SeriesHorn Mountains. From Main Street in Sheridan, there is a clear view of snow-capped Cloud Peaks, rising to thirteen thousand three hundred fifteen feet. This is a beautiful outline for the main street in town. At that time, Sheridan was a western ranch town with just over ten thousand residents. Ranchers and cowboys were in abundance. For us it was a dream city"

Excerpt from The Twail Series

"We were in real trouble, with the blizzard increasing in intensity, and about half of the kids still in the bus. We were stuck; the blizzard was howling; the temperature was dropping and darkness was fast approaching. All I could do was pray and keep the engine running to keep the bus warm while I waited for help..."

...."Then our milk truck driver, who heard of our plight on his radio, (the local station was called and put out an emergency call for help) with a load of several tons of cattle feed that gave him added traction, fought his way to us, and with him pushing, we managed get out of that drift. We found a sheltered place to turn around, chained all three vehicles together and with engines screaming, and chains slapping, got within a quarter of a mile of the highway where we got stuck so we could not move either way."

"I thrilled in the heady experience of being called to the podium at The International Convention of Success Motivation Institute, held in Honolulu, Excerpts from I can't find the Twail SeriesHawaii, where I was appointed to serve on the President's Advisory Council. I was also a convention speaker. The company made it even sweeter by flying not only My wife, but my children also, to Hawaii, enabling them to share in their dad's honor, as well as enjoying the beaches of Hawaii. My two top men also were rewarded by the Company, with their paid trip to the convention, along with their wives. One of them was honored as the runner up for the coveted "Motivator of the Year "award."