Dedicated to my Grandson, Indy Ward


To my very courageous grandson Indiana Ward, who has spent almost half of his nineteen years battling leukemia, complicated more recently with a very serious fungus infection that destroyed a portion of the bone in his right (drawing) arm and also damaged his pelvic bone.

Indy has shown this old "Gwampa", "Twails" of courage I never believed existed. Indy was the inspiration for this book series and drew the sketch below when he was battling to regain the use of his severely damaged right arm.

This sketch is Indy's recollection of the incident when he was following me as a four year old in an area of heavy brush, when he cried out "Gwampa I Can't Find the Twail."

Indy is now in remission from the leukemia.

The Finding the Twail series is dedicated to my Grandson, Indy Ward, who drew this pictureA